4 Exercises EVERY Fat Loss Workout Needs
(Part 3 of 4)

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You probably know that some exercises are better suited to some goals than others. Sure, you can lose fat by bench pressing, but that’s really not the best way to go. Instead, you’d want to get more metabolic.

But metabolic exercises by themselves aren’t enough to take your fat loss efforts from good to GREAT. If you really want to dial shit up to 11, then every single one of your fat loss workouts should be needs to include all FOUR of these exercises.

Not only will these four exercises work well in combination, but each of them serves a specific function, and—with their powers combined—will help you turn into Captain Planet.

…wait. No, that’s not right. Forget I said that.

What I meant was, they’ll help you take pollution down to zero. Damn it, that’s not right, either.

MY POINT is that if your fat loss workout doesn’t have these four specific types of exercises, it probably sucks. Plus you won’t be able to summon Captain Planet.

In addition to all the information you’re getting in the video, the accompanying PDF also includes 5 awesome workouts, each of which follows the 5 workout rules you learned yesterday, and features all of the exercises discussed today.

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